While we don't yet have an Angioma Community Alliance in the entire state, northern Virginia is covered by the Greater Washington DC Community Alliance. If you are interested in being part of an Angioma Community Alliance in other parts of the state, please contact Darla Clayton at darla@angioma.org.

Greater Washington DC Angioma Community Alliance

Welcome to the Greater Washington DC Angioma Community Alliance. We are a group of Angioma Alliance members and friends who provide mutual support, reach out to the medical community, and organize events. Geographically, our group includes Washington, DC, northern Virginia and Maryland.

Carlos Casaus - Chair

Greg Upwall - Vice-Chair

Lee Margolies - Treasurer

Tracy Brown - Events Committee Chair (Recruiting!)

Carrie Henze - Outreach and Engagement Committee Chair

To contact us, please email dcangioma@gmail.com.

You can also become a member of our Facebook group to join our group discussion.


Upcoming Events:


Clinical Centers

University of Virginia

Medical Director:  Dr. Yashar Kalani

Phone: (434) 924-2735


Last Updated: 5.29.19