Angioma Alliance 2019 Recipe Contest

There is new research indicating that diet, and specifically emulsifier use, impacts the severity of cavernous angioma illness. This fall, we are soliciting recipe submissions for a cookbook to help our families make good choices.

We now know that limiting or eliminating emulsifiers is best for those with CCM (see our Fall Newsletter for explanations). A List of Common Emulsifiers is available on our website.

However, it is hard to find foods in some categories that are emulsifier-free. For example, store-bought ice cream almost always has an emulsifying agent (check Blue Bunny vanilla and you’ll find at least six different emulsifiers). We would like to create a cookbook to help with this.


We are accepting submissions of emulsifier-free original recipes with a picture of the prepared dish in the following categories:


Comfort food

20-minute (or less) main course

Holiday food


Easy recipes created by children

We would also appreciate your limiting sucrose in the recipes as we know this feeds gram-negative bacteria in the gut. Stevia is thought to be safer.

Recipe Submission

Please use this Recipe Submission Form to send us your recipes, and please email a picture of the prepared dish to Darla Clayton at darla@angioma.org. In your email, please also feel free to submit a link to a YouTube video demonstrating preparation of the dish.

DEADLINE EXTENDED TO OCTOBER 7.  Deadline for submissions is October 1, 2019. 


We will post the recipes for online voting on Crowdrise during October. Votes will be $1/vote. Voting will end on October 27th.

The top 7 popular winners in each category will be included in the cookbook (if we have more space, we'll include more). Winners will receive a free copy of the cookbook and bragging rights.

Our Community Alliances are planning potluck tasting parties in early November. We will add recipes to the cookbook based on the outcome of the taste tests. Again, winners will receive a free copy of the cookbook and bragging rights.

Cookbook Sponsorship

Finally, we would love cookbook sponsors. This is a wonderful way to show your support of our community and, if you are involved in the food industry, highlight your product or establishment. This Sponsorship Packet provides a list of benefits at each level of sponsorship. Please show it to anyone who might be interested. The deadline for sponsorships is October 18th. If you have a question about sponsorships, please contact Lindsay Ramirez at lindsay@angioma.org.


We are also soliciting recipes from professional chefs to include in each category. If you know a chef who would like to contribute, please email Darla Clayton at darla@angioma.org.

By the time we’re done, we hope to have at least 60 recipes that are emulsifier-free and good for our families. 

We plan to have a digital version of the cookbook available for purchase before Thanksgiving, just in time for your holiday meal planning.


Updated 8/30/19