Dear Friend in the Fight Against Cavernous Angioma,

Thank you for your interest in getting involved to sustain our mission to inform, support, and empower individuals affected by cerebral cavernous angioma (CCM) and drive research for a cure.  It is only with friends like you that we can continue to expand our mission!  There are many ways for you to volunteer, either virtually or in your community! 

We have ongoing, virtual volunteer opportunities with Angioma Alliance.  You can volunteer to support our mission from the comfort of your own home!  Please reach out to me at salband@angioma.org so we can discuss how you can participate.  You can also fill out the Volunteer Interest Form to give us a little more information.

You can also volunteer within your local CCM community through our Community Alliance Iniatiative!  Community Alliances are tasked with organizing grassroots fundraising, support, education, and awareness initiatives in their local communities to support the Angioma Alliance mission.  We have groups throughout the nation who connect, collaborate, and support eachother!  You can find out more about our Community Alliances here.

Collectively, our efforts result in a nationwide community bound together by CCM, but we don’t let our diagnosis define us - it only empowers us.

Warmest Regards,

Stephanie Alband / Development Director